Wednesday, 22 February 2012

No to foreign intervention - Syria's people must shape its future

Every night on the TV news and every day in the mainstream press the public in Britain are being assailed from the most unlikely quarters with demands for sympathy for the Syrian people. Hilary Clinton is weeping tears for the martyrs of Homs. British Foreign Secretary William Hague is desperate to avenge those who have lost their lives fighting the Assad regime.

The Daily Telegraph, the house journal of the Tory Party, is promoting a revolution. The Sun for the first time in its history is looking forward to an insurrection.

Of course none of this is because the political establishment actually wants a strong, successful, politically independent opposition that can mount a successful revolution in Syria. On the contrary what they want to do is to harness popular sympathy for the revolutionaries to the project of military intervention by the Western powers.

What they want is a Syrian opposition that is dependent on the West’s military might. They want to work on divisions within the Syrian opposition so that they can promote their own clients, just as they did in Libya.

So let us ask ourselves if the end to which the establishment is using the widespread sympathy for the Arab revolutions, military intervention, would actually help the Syrian people.

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  1. Alex, can you not see that there is an irony between this and your last post?
    In 1937 the left desperately called upon the world to aid Spain against fascist aggression, whilst the borgeouis democracies sat on their hands and declared that Spaniards should solve their own differences. Today it is left that alibis dictators massacreing their own people.

    1. As explained in the article, the left should have nothing to do with powerful Western states intervening in Syria in pursuit of their own interests. They are not seeking to liberate Syrians from the regime for humanitarian or noble reasons - something that should be obvious when you consider their track record, including tacit support for Saudi Arabia going into Bahrain last year and crushing the uprising. Intervention in Syria will increase Western influence in the country and the wider region. That is the point.