Saturday, 31 December 2011

Orwell Prize selection

Growing resistance to cuts: a key feature of 2011
The deadline for submissions to the annual Orwell Prize (including the blogging category) approaches. Here is the selection I am offering. See HERE for more on the prize.

1) 5 reasons why Owen Jones is talking bollocks about language and the left (Luna17, 6 February)
2) A mass movement we can learn from (Counterfire, 15 February) 
3) Letter from Palestine (Luna17, 25 February)
4) Libya, war and British politics (Counterfire, 22 March)
5) Can trade unions stop the cuts? (Counterfire, 8 April)
6) Newcastle: a picture of Lib Dem decline (Comment is Free, 3 May)
8) The Fire This Time (Luna17, 29 September)
10) Labour advisers: don't mention the politics (Luna17, 30 December)


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