Saturday, 17 September 2011

#N30 - students pledge to back unions with 'mass direct action'

As student campaigners, we fully support the trade union movement's campaign against austerity, including the biggest wave of strike action since 1926. The government's plans for universities represent a threat to the very purpose of education, with the poor being priced out of a marketised system of private providers, while school and FE students are being robbed of basic support.

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts has now called a national education demonstration for Wednesday 9 November, and we will organise for a day of mass direct action and walkouts to coincide with the strike. We will not allow this government to abolish the welfare state and destroy our futures.

Michael Chessum National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, and NUS NEC
Luke Durigan UCL Union education and campaigns officer
Daniel Lemberger-Cooper Royal Holloway students' union president
James Haywood Goldsmith's students' union president
Edward Bauer Birmingham guild education officer
Sean Rillo Raczka University of London union vice-president
Alusine Alpha Bradford students' union treasurer
Mike Williamson Edinburgh students' association education officer
Alan Bailey NUS LGBT officer
Matthew Bond NUS disabled students' campaign
Alex Peters-Day LSE students' union general secretary
Liam Turbett, Aiden Turner and Liam McCombes Free Hetherington Glasgow occupation
James McAsh NCAFC national committee, Edinburgh University
Gordon Maloney NCAFC national committee and NUS Scotland executive
Bob Sutton Liverpool guild of students vice-president
Aaron Peters NCAFC national committee
Claire Lister NCAFC national committee, Birmingham University
Alasdair Thompson STUC youth committee
Alice Swift NCAFC national committee, Birmingham University
Arianna Tassinari SOAS students' union co-president for education and welfare
Amena Amer LSE students' union education officer
Edward Maltby NCAFC national committee, London
Lukas Slothuus LSE students' union welfare and community officer

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