Friday, 1 July 2011

A lively six months

J30: PCS and Coalition of Resistance, Glasgow
As we are exactly half way through 2011, I've brought together a selection of Luna17 posts to trace some of the politically significant events and themes of the last six months. In the order they were published, here they are...

1. Netroots UK and the limits of 'online activism' (8 January)

2. Revolution in Tunisia: can it deepen and widen? (15 January)

3. Newcastle rally for Egypt (12 February)

4. Qalqilya: frontline of Israeli colonisation (2 March)

5. Libya, war and British politics (22 March)

6. How do we build revolutionary organisation today? (17 April)

7. Newcastle: uniting to stop racist EDL (24 April)

8. Spain: this is what 21st century working class revolt looks like (20 May)

9. Trade union membership and the working class today (27 May)

10. Cairo: revolution at the crossroads (7 June)

11. 30 June: a day for the whole movement (9 June)

12. Ed Balls and public sector pensions (19 June)


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