Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Is Jeremy Clarkson's demise too much to hope for?

"This is how much I value my dignity"
In these times of mounting problems for the British establishment, all sorts of possibilities are opening up. As if the Murdoch empire, the government and the Metropolitan police being plunged into crisis weren't enough, it turns out Jeremy Clarkson may be tarnished by association with the phone hacking scandal.

I enjoyed this Guardian snippet about Clarkson, featured in an article about the so-called 'Chipping Norton set':

'One of the better-known personalities living nearby is Jeremy Clarkson, the Top Gear presenter and Sun columnist. It was at his Chipping Norton home that [Rebekah] Brooks met her second husband, Charlie, an old pal of Cameron's.

The prime minister even turned up for the launch of his latest thriller, Citizen. Cameron's close social links with the "set" are further evidenced, reportedly, by his willingness to appear as Top Gear's The Stig in a video tribute at Clarkson's 50th birthday party. The prime minister has also been known to go riding with Brooks.'

It really is a tawdry little world they live in, isn't it?


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