Monday, 13 June 2011

Will Unison join other public sector unions in autumn strikes?

This is from The Guardian (see link for full article):

'The UK's largest public sector union has warned that it is gearing up for strike action in the autumn unless ministers pull back from controversial pension changes.

Dave Prentis, the general secretary of Unison, said huge numbers of local government workers and NHS staff are "on the road" to long-term industrial action over pension changes that would lead to public sector workers paying more into the schemes, receiving less in retirement and working longer.

Balloting of around 1.2 million workers will start soon unless a crunch meeting with the government on 28 June leads to a deal, Prentis said, accusing the government of preventing proper negotiations over the controversial plans.

Speaking ahead of the union's annual conference next week, Prentis signalled that members would be balloted for a sustained period of industrial unrest unless the government alters course.

"If we are prevented from reaching agreement we will move to a ballot in the summer or early autumn," Prentis told reporters. "It will not be one day of action – it will be long-term industrial action throughout all our public services to prevent destruction of our pension schemes."'


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