Saturday, 18 June 2011

Get Luna17 in your inbox

Rejoice, rejoice! It is possible to get content from this blog via email. I've recently added a gadget - Follow by Email - you will find in the right sidebar.

You simply add your email address in the box to get a daily update. If I don't update Luna17 on any given day then you won't get a message. If I do add new content then you will get it in an email. It's that simple. Oh, and don't forget you can also follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Luna17 has notched up over 6000 pageviews so far in June - and more than 55,000 since the start of 2011 - plus much of my writing is re-published at Counterfire. While hardly competing with Liberal Conspiracy in the blog traffic stakes (how could anyone compete with the, erm, mighty Sunny Hundal?), there is semeingly some appetite for my humble offerings of revolutionary polemic, political analysis, left-wing news and more.


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