Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Who are the real spongers?

The bailout figure is £1.3trillion, the established Bank of England estimate.

The benefit fraud figure is calculated by adding up Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) estimates of fraud for the last ten years - see "Fraud and Error in the Benefit System, 2009-2010", page 17 Table 3.1.

Thanks to James Meadway for this comparison.

Also see: 'Who are the real fraudsters?'



  1. And of course what about the estimated (see link for 2010) £16bn in *unclaimed* entitlements? You don't hear the Tories saying a lot about that, though, do you?

  2. Excellent point - thanks Beth. The DWP document I linked to has some figures on that too, but strangely ministers aren't so keen to talk those up.

  3. O-M-G!!! *faints*

    By the time people start talking about "trillions", surely somebody somewhere will begin to realize it cannot possibly be real money.