Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chicken Clegg: victory for anti-cuts campaigners in Newcastle!

Newcastle is now a Clegg Free Zone
This comes via the popular Facebook Event page for Thursday's protest at Nick Clegg's planned Newcastle visit.

I'll just flag up the appeal to participate in Saturday's UK Uncut protest in Newcastle. It's part of a national day of action for the NHS: meet at Grey's Monument at noon.

'The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has pulled out of his keynote speech ‘rebalancing the economy’ at the IPPR regional conference this Thursday. Coming on the back of the recent devastating council elections in the region, and a broad-based demonstration against the Liberal Democrat leader planned for the day one can only assume that he was unwilling to face those the government has let down in the region.

Cuts to our public services, a massive hike in tuition fees, the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance and a whole host of other issues have caused anger across the political spectrum.

The question that must be asked is that if Newcastle was still a Liberal Democrat controlled council, if Nick Clegg had opposed the tuition fee increases (as he had pledged) and the NHS reforms(as the rank and file members of the party demand) would he be pulling out of this conference at the last minute?

The government is currently involved in a ‘listening exercise’ on the NHS reforms. Yet the Deputy Prime Minister is unable to visit the city of Newcastle at the thought of Health Professionals, students and members of the public showing their opposition to the plans of the coalition government. Maybe it is because he knows the truth that the changes to the NHS are bad for patient health, yet he is failing to provide adequate opposition to these reforms.

The issue has not gone away with Nick Clegg’s withdrawal. The NHS is still being privatised by stealth and we must do all we can to continue to highlight how damaging reforms to the NHS will be to both patients and health workers.

The demonstration must still go ahead to show Nick Clegg that this was not about humiliating the Liberal Democrat leader, but highlighting the wreckage this government is creating out of our NHS, Higher Education and public services.

Come down to the demonstration on Thursday:

Join the UK Uncut action on Saturday:

We must unite to show this government there is an alternative and that hiding from the public simply isn’t good enough.'

If you want more info on what's going on locally with regard to the NHS 'like' Keep Our NHS Public North East:

The message above is via this Event page:!/event.php?eid=193887673991020


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