Friday, 8 April 2011

The politics of resistance - Saturday 7 May

Counterforum: the politics of resistance 
Saturday 7 May, London

Discussions include:
how mass protest can change the world; revolution and imperialism in the Middle East; tackling Islamophobia; Marxism and the struggle for democracy; from economic crisis to slump

Participants (all in a personal capacity) include:

Ola Shahbab, Egyptian activist direct from Cairo
Joe Glenton, army refusenik
Lowkey, rapper and activist
Lindsey German, Stop the War
Joseph Daher, Middle East commentator
Andrew Burgin, Coalition of Resistance secretary
Amy Dunne, school students against the cuts
Clare Solomon, ULU president
James Meadway, new economics foundation
John Rees, author of Imperialism and Resistance
Dot Gibson, national pensioners' leader
and many more.

Organised by Counterfire

Saturday 7 May: 12 - 6pm

Upper Hall, ULU, Malet Street
London WC1 7HY

Free entry, please register in advance: or 07872481769


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