Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Newcastle public forum: imperialism and revolution

Counterfire public forum: Imperialism and revolution today

Speaker: Feyzi Ismail

Wednesday 9 March 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Upstairs at Salsa Cafe, 89 Westgate Road, Newcastle (5 minutes from Central Station)

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Everyone's talking about revolution, thanks to the millions in Tunisia and Egypt who took to the streets to overthrow old authoritarian regimes. They have inspired people across the Arab region and around the world. These revolutions demonstrate the capacity for collective resistance to shake the world and achieve social change.

They also raise many questions. What next for Egypt, Tunisia and Libya? How can radical social transformation be achieved? Can these revolutions spread still further? What does the fall of loyal US ally Mubarak mean for imperialism in the Middle East? What are the lessons for us here in the UK?

Feyzi Ismail - postgraduate researcher in global politics at SOAS in London - will be addressing these issues in her talk. She will be considering what is familiar and what is new in the revolutions we have seen in the 21st century, applying marxist ideas to a changing and volatile political world.

There will also be time for questions, discussion and debate. Hosted by Counterfire:


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