Monday, 7 March 2011

George Monbiot on the alternatives to cuts

'We are yet again stepping into the ring with one hand tied behind our backs. The great rally that is planned for 26 March will bring together the most impressive oppositional groups in Britain. It will show that we have the numbers and the will required to fight this government.

But there's a problem. We know what we don't want. The people co-ordinating this protest have provided compelling explanations of why the government's programme for tackling the deficit is unnecessary, unfair and likely to make the problem worse. We have been less clear about what we want.

Nowhere have I been able to find a statement of aims that is short enough to put on a flier but specific enough to be useful. There are plenty of 30-page documents and pithy slogans – but, as far as I can discover, nothing in between. What we are missing is a simple set of proposals that are agreed by the main groups and would turn this from an oppositional to a propositional movement. The lesson to be drawn from previous battles is that lasting change does not happen until we unite behind what we want – not just against what we do not.'

Read more in 'We know what to march against on 26 March; here's what to protest for'


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