Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Public meeting on Tunisia and revolution

Tunisia: revolution at the crossroads
Public meeting hosted by Counterfire

Thursday 27 January, 7pm
MEA House, Ellison Place, Newcastle NE1 8XS (5 minutes from Haymarket Metro)

'The people of Tunisia have put revolution back on the newspaper front pages and the TV news. It is the first Arab revolution since Iran in 1979. Millions across the Arab world hope this could be just the beginning, with the potential for a 'domino effect' if people in Egypt, Algeria and elsewhere rise up in revolt. Tunisians have shown that mass action from below can topple undemocratic regimes.

But what happens next? Tunisia is at a crossroads. Can workers, students and unemployed people not only gain new freedoms but end the poverty, exploitation and inequality of capitalist society? That question has relevance beyond Tunisia. It goes to the heart of discussions how we can change our world.'


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