Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Orwell Prize selection

The deadline for entrants to this year's Orwell Prize is approaching (19 January). For the blogging category you have to submit exactly 10 posts, which can be taken from more than one blog. All posts must have been first published online during 2010.

I've been through last year's output and idenitified 16 posts I think could be entered. I now need to chuck out half a dozen of these and I'll have my final list (which I'll post at the weekend). I have no illusions about being shortlisted, never mind winning, but am adopting my late Grandma's motto: "shy bairns get nowt".

1. Howard Zinn (1922-2010): historian on the front line (January)

2. Mind the ideological gap (Comment is Free, February)

3. Angry Young Men? 1956 and all that (April)

4. How to start a new left wing group: the rules (April)

5. Election Night liveblog (May)

6. The British Left - election results and prospects in 2010 (May)

7. O, Brave New World! (May)

8. Review of 'Crack Capitalism'  (July, Counterfire)

9. Strategy for the Left: how do we stop the cuts? (August)

10. Lib Dem conference: resolution 101 (September)

11. Ed Miliband, Labour and the battles ahead (September)

12. Climate change: the shoddy politics of 10:10 (October)

13. 'The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation' (October, Counterfire)

14. Strategy and tactics in the anti-cuts movement (December)

15. Leadership, organisation and the left - a reply to Laurie Penny (December)

16. Labourism, the movement and the 'new left' (December)


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