Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fighting to win in 2011

Happy new year, one and all. I've been stuck indoors, feeling rotten with flu, for the last 2 weeks - i.e. my entire XMAS holidays - so I have a distinct feeling of 'things can only get better'.

Here's an announcement to kick us off for 2011. This one's for local readers: a not-to-be-missed public meeting in Newcastle.

Fighting to Win: How can we beat the ConDems in 2011?
Public meeting hosted by Counterfire

Wednesday 12 January, 7pm
Salsa Cafe (upstairs), 89 Westgate Road, Newcastle (5 mins from Central Station)

Speaker: Chris Nineham - activist, Counterfire editorial board member, and author of 'Capitalism and class consciousness: the ideas of Georg Lukacs'

'In the last two months an extraordinary wave of student protest has challenged the coalition government and shown that mass resistance to cuts is possible. Len McCluskey, leader of Britain's biggest trade union, has said trade unionists should support the students and build a broad strike movement in 2011.

What now needs to be done to stop this government's brutal £81bn package of public sector spending cuts?

Come along to this Counterfire forum on the way forward for the movement - and to discuss alternatives to cuts, privatisation and inequality.'

All welcome - invite people via Facebook Event


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