Thursday, 23 December 2010

XMAS selection box

So, a modest selection of interesting posts I've spotted in the last few days. The first three links are all on the same theme, i.e. the role of social media in radical activism, which is a hot topic in the wake of the student and UK Uncut protests. Then there's a few disparate items which I can't possibly concoct a unifying theme for.

How Twitter changed the face of dissent (Laurie Penny)

The revolution will not be tweeted (A Very Public Sociologist)

Activism in a Digital Culture (New Left Project)

In defence of Trots (Tami Peterson at The Great Unrest)

Secret Diary of a Waitress part one (Counterfire)

The fall of Tommy Sheridan (David Osler)

The Guardian vs McCluskey (The Third Estate)

The Assange allegations (Lenin's Tomb)


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