Friday, 17 December 2010

Tower Hamlets by-election: Respect beats Labour in Lutfur Rahman's old seat

As well as the headline news here, it's worth noting the Lib Dems' catastrophic result (2.2% of the vote). The seat became vacant as a result of Lutfur Rahman, former Labour councillor and once leader of Tower Hamlets Council, being elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets (on an independent ticket).

'An election was held for a vacant council seat in the Tower Hamlets Borough ward of Spitalfields and Banglatown on Thursday, 16 December 2010.

The result of the election was as follows:

•Abdul Alim, Labour Party - 553 votes

•Jewel Chowdhury, Independent - 28 votes

•Magaret Ann Crosbie, The Green Party - 52 votes

Fozol Miah, Respect - 666 votes (elected)

•Ferdy North, Liberal Democrats - 33 votes

•Matthew James Smith, Conservative Party - 135 votes

Number of ballot papers spoilt: 19

Electorate for Spitalfields and Bangaltown Ward: 8,827
Votes polled: 1,486
Turnout: 16.83 per cent'

Via Tower Hamlets Council



  1. is it not also worth noting the abysmal turn out?

  2. Respect's statement on the win can be found here:

    Having decided to take up the racist position that the area's Muslim community are a threat, Tower Hamlets Labour are tied into a downward spiral. Two many big egos rest on denying that this ideologically driven attempt to stop even moderately social democratic forces asserting themselves within the local party is a disaster.

  3. Richard - to be honest I don't think that's a low turnout in the circumstances. Council by-elections normally have low turnouts - add in short daylight hours and wintry weather and it's easy to understand.

  4. lookin forward to the fib dems getting a good and proper drubbing. Just to think I have voted Judas Party, but believe me when I say never again.

    They seem to think everything's going to be ok, but they are in for one hell of a kicking. Only 4% support them in the North yet the spineless yellows carry on regardless. But the penny will drop...