Friday, 10 December 2010

Newcastle occupation: a small thing you can do for students' human rights

Send or adapt this model letter to Chis Brink, Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University:

'I am writing to protest at the denial of food and water supplies to students currently occupying the Fine Arts building of the university. The students involved were allowing lectures to continue in the building and their occupation has huge support in the student body, as shown by the masses of donations made and the official support given by the Students' Union.

Their cause is just and they must have the right to protest peacefully in a democracy, especially when politicians act in an anti-democratic fashion.

The actions of university management are hypocritical in that a letter sent demanding an end to the occupation cited the illness of students as a problem and said "we are concerned about the health of students in the occupation." Denying students food and water shows a real lack of concern for their health.

We demand that you immediately allow the entry of students to the Fine Arts building so that they can eat, drink and continue to protest.'

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Send messages of support for the students to:

For the background, and updates, see the Newcastle Occupation blog.

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