Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It is time to go, Aaron Porter

Students need a fighting NUS to take on the Tory cuts

“We the undersigned believe that Aaron Porter should be removed as NUS National President as he is unable to lead the student movement. His failure to call or even back another National Demonstration, his refusal to back up his promises of support for occupations, his weak stance on police brutality and his collusion with the Government in identifying cuts means that he has lost the confidence of the movement.

We call on activists to bring motions to their SUs calling for his removal and an Extraordinary Conference to do so.”

Signed in a personal capacity:

Sean Rillo Raczka, NUS NEC and Chair of Birkbeck SU
Clare Solomon, ULU President
Fiona Edwards, Student Broad Left
Joshi Sachdeo, NUS NEC
Ashok Kumar, LSE Education Officer
Mary Robertston, Free Education Campaign & SOAS Occupier
Javed Anjum Sheikh, NUS NEC
Poggy Murray, NUS Black Students Committee & Liverpool Guild of Students LGBT Officer

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See Elly Badcock's article on why Aaron Porter must go - and why this matters - HERE.


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