Saturday, 18 December 2010

Is this the most badly-written political blog post of 2010?

'I am going to buy two Hamsters. One will be called Kettle, and the other will be called Kettle. They’ll be opposite sexes and I’ll make them have babies. When the mother gives birth, her babies will all be called Kettle. Then I’ll cut the food source, watching while the parents eat their babies and they all starve to death.

A neologism coined by the international policing community will soon become a way of life. Our freedom of expression, if expressed in too large a unison, will now be contained in a common domestic metaphor. One that, in the collective memory of this country, is most palpably associated with what is known as ‘Builders’ Tea’ or even, among the younger generations, ‘Instant Coffee’....'

Read the whole thing in gruesome detail HERE. Then read the comments to restore your sanity. Maybe I should stick with left-wing sites that have some editorial control, like New Left Project and Counterfire.


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  1. "The truth is, Life Is A Kettle. One among a babushka of other kettles."

    Wtf lol. Could be an Allen Ginsberg poem or something from John Cage's diary. Shit me.