Monday, 29 November 2010

Noam Chomsky supports Newcastle University occupation

'Pleased to learn about what you are doing. The savage cuts, hardly concealed class warfare, are likely to harm Britain for a long time to come.

By coincidence, they were announced when I was giving talks in Mexico’s national university, UNAM, which presents a dramatic contrast – in a poor country, not one of the richest ones. Ten years ago the government proposed tuition. There was a student strike that was so successful that the government backed down, and tuition remains free in a university with quite impressive standards, and hundreds of thousands of students. There surely are alternatives.

Best of luck in your important efforts.

Noam Chomsky'
Via the excellent Newcastle Occupation blog

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  1. I wrote some lyrics for this can sing them with the tune to 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'.

    "education as a privelige
    or a bought commodity
    is a thing we do disdain
    at every increase that we see
    when they try to marketise it
    we will march to make it free!
    the struggle carries on

    when your only hope betrays you
    to a party you reviled
    when the media talk down to you
    and treat you like a child
    it is time to take some action
    and be neither meek nor mild
    the struggle carries on

    so bring the bookworms in their shyness
    to the thronging winter streets
    drag the truants to the rally
    and the paintbrush to the sheets
    we once held in chains by apathy
    shall shatter the elites!
    the struggle carries on"

    work in progress