Saturday, 20 November 2010

No cuts, no fees: Newcastle students to protest on 24 November

School and uni students at a Newcastle protest
Wednesday is gearing up to be a big day of protest across the country, with students and school students taking action against cuts and higher tuition fees.

University, FE and school students in the North East will be gathering from around midday at Grey's Monument, Newcastle.

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'The government want to increase university tuition fees up to £9,000 a year and scrap EMA, as well as cutting teaching funding by up to 80% for 'non priority' subjects. We think that there is an alternative to these cuts and that students and lecturers should not have to pay for a crisis not of their making!

PROTEST - In conjunction with hundreds of schools and universities across the country we will walk out and protest to send a strong message to the government. Students from Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland Universities along with local school and college students, will be marching to Grey's Monument in town to rally against cuts to education funding. Meet outside old Union building, Newcastle University, at midday.


Newcastle students and lecturers invite everyone to a 'teach-in' on campus - a whole afternoon of talks, discussions, 'alternative lectures', workshops, debates and creative planning! There'll also hopefully be a space for continued quiet reading and work, so if you've got an essay due you can still support the action!'



  1. we need to get more people together and get this goverment out, people have more power than the goverment.

  2. "we need to get more people together and get this goverment out, people have more power than the goverment(sic)."

    and we need a big magic wand to pay for all this "education".

    "no ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts" - from those with no idea how the UK can pay for education"

  3. The enthusiasm for harsh cuts by some politicians is more than well understandable. Those people are shocked. A repetition of the Great Depression was avoided by techniques that where condemned, especially by their own group, for many decade as absolutely inadequate and to avoid at any cost.

    To regain their equilibrium, to make their view on the world again consistent, there must be an immediate threat that can only be avoided by many cut's and a smaller government.

    However, not letting deficits persist to long, avoiding interest's on interest's is only a part of the job. More important is putting in to place protection mechanism to avoid future crisis's of the same type.