Thursday, 11 November 2010

Clare Solomon speaks up for students on Newsnight

Clare Solomon, president of University of London Union (ULU), argues for mass protest and direct action on last night's BBC Newsnight, following yesterday's anti-cuts and anti-fees demonstration. Also appearing: Jeremy Paxman, Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes, NUS President Aaron Porter.

Also see the excellent articles by Lindsey German and Nina Power on roughly the same issues.

Update: also see Laurie Penny's 'Inside the Millbank Tower riots'



  1. It's such a shame, because Clare has strong, honest views, and is so passionate about the issues. But unfortunately she has destroyed public sympathy for the cause. To win this struggle, it would be wise for her supporters to keep her away from the media as she is getting humiliated by the likes of Paxman and Vine. Aaron Porter has a better sense of diplomacy and is putting forward the case for change much more succinctly and sympathetically.

  2. On Thursday there were a few hundred people with Aaron Porter and NUS leaders at their polite lobby and candelit vigil. 30-50,000 people were on the march to Parliament co-organised by Clare and ULU. Actions speak louder...