Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Clare Sambrook wins Paul Foot Award for campaign to end child detention

I'm pleased to learn Clare Sambrook is the extremely deserving winner of this year's Paul Foot Award for campaigning journalism (see HERE). The freelance writer was announced as winner of the £5000 prize at an event in London tonight.

I've re-posted or linked to her work on child detention on a number of occasions. She's exposed scandals around the detention of asylum seekers' children in UK facilities for Open Democracy, Private Eye and The Guardian, and is prominent in End Child Detention Now.

Other names on the shortlist included excellent writers and campaigners like Eamonn McCann and Nick Davies. The award was set up by Private Eye and the Guardian in memory of Paul Foot, campaigning journalist and socialist activist (and personal hero for some of us), following his death in 2004.

Clare Sambrook says:

‘Reading Paul Foot’s books when I was fresh out of university gave me a strong sense of what journalism could and should be. This is a massive honour, hugely encouraging and a real boost to the End Child Detention Now campaign at a time when the government has reneged on its commitment to stop this inhumanity.’


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