Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tyneside glass workers: two more weeks of strike action

'Glass workers in Tyneside voted today for a further two weeks of strike action.

The striking workers at Tyneside Safety Glass in Gateshead will commence another fortnight of strikes on Monday October 18, their union Unite said.

They began their strike on Monday September 20 after the company imposed a second year of pay freezes as well as changes to shift patterns that added 10 hours to the working week in some cases.

Unite regional officer Bill Green said: "Over the past two years our members have been intimidated and bullied.

"The employer has openly informed our shop stewards that it intends to break the union on site. Basic pay is not that far above the national minimum wage and a further year of pay freezes will see their pay fall closer to the minimum wage."

Unite assistant general secretary Tony Burke said members have been magnificent in "standing up to a bullying management and defending our union." '

Via Morning Star



  1. Steve Heptinstall10 October 2010 at 11:38

    Stand strong, the actions of the management here are disgusting and beneath contempt.

  2. the md is so stubborn and acts like a spoilt child.he wont back down unless daddy tells him to.the personel manager is clueless and is knowing as village by the managers.the place needs closed down