Sunday, 26 September 2010

Oona King, David Miliband, John Prescott: New Labour's hat trick of losers?

Journalist Paul Waugh reports, via Twitter, claims that John Prescott (pictured), former Deputy Prime Minister, has lost the contest for treasurer of the Labour Party:

'I'm hearing that John Prescott has lost in race for Treasurer. And that Ken Livingstone has come top of NEC ballot.'

Prescott is thought to have lost out to Diana Holland, assistant general secretary of Unite the Union.

This will, if confirmed, complete this week's hat trick of defeats (in internal Labour Party elections) for candidates closely identified with Blairism and New Labour. It follows Ken Livingstone's defeat of Oona King for the London Mayor candidacy and Ed Miliband's triumph over his brother David in the party leadership race.

The victors may be little to get excited about - and Livingstone is hardly a bright new thing - but this certainly marks a shift in the Labour top brass away from the dominant regime of its years in government (1997-2010).


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