Friday, 24 September 2010

EDL thugs attack meeting in Newcastle

I received this urgent message from UAF North East yesterday. It was also reported yesterday that 6 men have been arrested in neighbouring Gateshead (where I live) for inciting racial hatred - see 'Koran burning' in Gateshead. It is now being reported that the arrested men are EDL supporters.

'Last Night - Wednesday 22nd Sept - up to 30 racist EDL thugs wearing EDL shirts attacked a Socialist Workers Party meeting at The Tyneside Irish Centre in Newcastle town centre.

Two members of staff were physically assaulted in what was clearly an attempt to disrupt the meeting. There were no other injuries and the thugs soon dispersed.

Clearly frustrated at not being able to mobilise large numbers of local thugs it seems that the EDL are now intent on smaller scale but brutal attacks on our right to organise and meet. They cannot be allowed to get away with this or propagating their poisonous beliefs.

All progressive, anti fascist and anti racist groups and organisations need to be vigilant - but we will not be intimidated by racist thuggery.

The incident follows the arrest if two EDL supporters in Gateshead in relation to a racist incident.

Unite Against Fascism North East will be organising a further response in the near future.'

Image: UAF's anti-EDL protest in Newcastle, 29 May 2010.


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