Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Coalition of Resistance calls Downing Street protest for 20 October

'Stop the ConDem cuts - Build the Resistance - Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay!

Wednesday 20 October, 5-7pm
Downing Street, London

On the day Con-Dem Chancellor George Osborne announces the results of a ‘spending review’ designed to cut £83 billion from public services, the Coalition of Resistance is calling a mass protest in Downing Street.

The Con-Dem government of millionaires, supported by their media echo-chambers, says there is no alternative to cuts in jobs and welfare. The crisis of the bankers can be solved only at the expense of working people.

That lie needs to be challenged head-on when Osborne makes his statement. The rich and their system caused the crisis. They can be made to pay. That is the argument that needs to be heard on 20 October.

COR therefore calls on all anti-cuts activists to join the protest on 20 October, and invites all anti-cuts campaigns, national and local, to work with us in building it.

More information will be available soon.'

Via Coalition of Resistance website


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