Thursday, 26 August 2010

What do we want? Subsidised burglar alarms! When do we want them? Now!

'Arthur Scargill's 57-year membership of the National Union of Mineworkers looked set to end in acrimony when he and a number of his allies in the union were in effect expelled after being told by letter that they no longer qualified for full union benefits.

The move follows increasingly bitter relations between Scargill, the NUM's honorary president now aged 72, and the union he led to disastrous defeat in the year long 80s miners' strike following a dispute over his continuing eligibility for a number of perks and benefits.

Two months ago, he threatened legal action over the union's refusal to continue subsidising the fuel used at his Barnsley home or to contribute to the cost of a burglar alarm at the property. There has also been a falling out over his use of a union-subsidised flat in the Barbican Estate in London.

Chris Kitchen, the union's general secretary, said that Scargill could remain honorary president, or could become a life member, honorary member or retired member, but could not be a full financial member and had lost his voting rights. The letter sent to him apparently stated that he no longer qualified according to the union's own rulebook, which Scargill himself helped to draw up, and the decision was agreed by the Yorkshire area section of the union.'

Via The Guardian


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