Friday, 20 August 2010

Racist hysteria, and other news

Luna17 recommends:

1. Poison behind New York mosque furore (Andrew Brown at The Guardian)

2. What political courage looks like (Glenn Greenwald at The Salon)

3. Sarah Palin to racist DJ: "Don't retreat... reload!" (George Eaton at The Staggers)

4. 100 days of coalition and over 100 unfair cuts (Touchstone)

5. How the Nick Clegg children's centre visit turned into a scene from The Thick of It (Political Scrapbook)

6. Men at the centre of the story (The F Word)

7. Rihanna and Eminem reviewed (Elly Badcock and Jo Gough at Counterfire)

8. Panorama: righteous slaughter in the Med  (Jamie at New Left Project)

9. But did Tony run it by Cherie first? (Mark Steel)

10. Alan Milburn: from Trotskyist to Tory adviser (David Osler)


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