Sunday, 8 August 2010

Maggie Thatcher the milk snatcher? Tories to scrap free milk for under-5s

Those with long memories may recall Thatcher the milk snatcher. Thatcher's children, it seems, find this highly inspiring. This isn't the most profound political comment I've ever made, but they really are bastards aren't they?

'The government is considering cutting a UK-wide scheme offering free milk to under-five-year-olds in nursery or daycare, the BBC has learned.

UK health minister Anne Milton set out the proposals in a letter to Scottish public health minister Shona Robison. She said there was no evidence the scheme improved health and it was too expensive to run.

Instead, the government was considering increasing the value of Healthy Start vouchers for the poorest families. The Department of Health confirmed the details of the letter but said no final decision had yet been taken.

In the letter, Ms Milton said the government was looking at abolishing the Nursery Milk scheme by April 2011 and added that she would also be writing to the Welsh and Northern Irish health departments to hear their views.'

The resistance starts HERE.


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