Sunday, 29 August 2010

EDL racists in Bradford

'The racist EDL dubbed their demonstration in Bradford ‘The Big One’ and promised to get 5,000 there. The event turned out to be the ‘not so big one’ with somewhere in the region of 1,000 there.

The police figures for the EDL contingent were just 750. The racist thugs made little secret of their intentions to attack Muslims, hurling stones and smoke bombs at a crowd of protesters from Bradford, and shouting their slogans of hate.

‘Allah – paedophile’, ‘We love the floods’ and ‘Allah, Allah, who the fuck is Allah?’ were their slogans of choice.

However, with the police penning them into a walled compound and local Bradfordians applying a good deal of mockery, the EDL had a pretty miserable day.'

Read more of John Westmoreland's report for Counterfire HERE.


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