Saturday, 3 July 2010

That was the week...

Luna17 recommends...

1. Is NATO finished in Afghanistan? (Mohammed Asif at Counterfire)

2. A progressive attack on the poor (Susan Pashkoff at New Left Project)

3. Who benefits: disabled claimant called for interview from hospital bed (The Sauce)

4. Spot the missing dictatorship (A Very Public Sociologist)

5. Multiculturalism militant (Liam Macuaid)

6. It's time to ditch the Digital Economy Act (Laurie Penny)

7. Conservative contradictions on crime and punishment (Though Cowards Flinch)

8. Comrade Barnes addresses football-loving proletariat (Splintered Sunrise)

9. Niall Ferguson and the history curriculum (Dave Osler)

10. Blog Nation: Left Lib Dems (Jim Jepps)



  1. Cheers for the inclusion Alex, as always!

  2. It was refreshing to read, Dave. The only really balanced, proper analysis of the Tories' position (and motivations) I've spotted so far.