Thursday, 29 July 2010

Crisis, cuts and coalitions

Well, I'm off to the Lake District for a wedding and a long, relaxing weekend, so blogging resumes on Monday. Meanwhile, Luna17 recommends:

1. Capitalism in the wake of the financial crisis (Left Economics Advisory Panel)

2. Southampton's Tory council to sack librarians (The Third Estate)

3. Economic vandalism and UK Film Council (A Very Public Sociologist)

4. Gay jokes and Carry-On commentating (Laurie Penny)

5. Is John Redwood as stupid as his blog? (Though Cowards Flinch)

6. Thoughts about coalition (Michael Prior)

7. Strategy and tactics (John Rees at Counterfire)

8. Raoul Moat: rapist, abuser and control freak (Scottish Socialist Youth)

9. Rape: treat the cause, not the symptom (The F Word) 

10. Chilcot inquiry: too late, Hans Blix, too late (Sami Ramadani at Comment is Free)


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