Monday, 26 July 2010

A blogger's dozen

The Sauce persuasively made the case for Counterfire (and, naturally, The Sauce), The Third Estate mentioned some favourite leftie blogs, and Phil BC cheekily initiated a 'Top 100 Worst Blogs' contest.

Yes, it's the Total Politics annual blog poll, where you have a special opportunity to show your affection for Luna17. In case you are unclear about the merits of this blog (heaven forbid), here's a gentle reminder: 12 posts, arranged chronologically, published over the last 3 months. Left-wing blogging of quality and distinction, I'm sure you'll agree.

You may want to alert others to this fact by voting in the poll - see HERE (polls close on Saturday, so don't hang about).

Angry Young Men?: 1956 and all that (cultural musings prompted by the death of Alan Sillitoe)

Can online networks help us change the world? (t'internet and social transformation)

Are we nearly there yet? (coverage of the election campaign, now a strangely distant memory)

Election night liveblog (my caffeine-fuelled blogging all-nighter)

British Left: election results and prospects (pessimism of the intellect anyone?)

O, Brave new world! (on the remarkable similarities between Labour's leadership candidates)

Leading UK activist gives eyewitness account of flotilla attack (one part of Luna17's exhaustive coverage of the aftermath of Israel's flotilla assault)

Islamophobia and war (it's about more than just the EDL)

North East trade unionists pledge to fight every cut (an example of my local coverage)

Facebook, cuts and the battle of ideas (the post that inspired someone to set up a Facebook group - I'd be failing if this hadn't happened at least once!)

A national anti-cuts movement (part of the on-going debate on the left about anti-cuts strategy)

Seasonal bibliophilia (a summery - geddit? - of my reading, from bogside to seaside)


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