Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tony Benn: "We have to tie our ropes together"

This really should be seen by everyone:

Also from last night's Can't Pay Won't Pay rally are speeches by:
Caroline Lucas MP (Greens)
John Rees (Counterfire)
Penny White (cabin crew union BASSA)
Christos Giovanopoulos (Greek radical left)
Paul Mackney (former General Secretary, NATFHE).
Shanna Caughey (Save Middlesex Philosophy)
Clare Solomon (President-elect, ULU)
Aris Vasilopoulos (Greek radical left)
Michael Bradley (Right to Work)



  1. At the grand young age of 85, Tony Benn is still the greatest most inspiring and beautiful human being I know.

    I love this man for his humanity; he represents all that was good and great about OLD Labour, before the traitor Blair destroyed the party.

    Let's tie our ropes together in solidarity with Greece & our brothers & sisters throughout the world & REFUSE to pay the price to clear up the mess from the ruling class's drunken orgy of greed, rape and self gratification.

  2. I first heard Tony Benn speak in 1992, when he travelled to South Shields and spoke at a rally against pit closures. There is, incidentally, a superb video on YouTube of a speech he made in the Commons at that time. He has the knack - then, this week, and at other times - of crystallising the big ideas and focusing on the bigger struggle we're engaged in.

    The next step is 22 June - emergency budget day - when we need protests everywhere to start raising a banner for an alternative to the cuts agenda.