Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Luna17 recommends...

I normally do this on Fridays, but it makes sense to publish this week's round-up from the blogs before the election.

1. A hung parliament and the cuts (Counterfire)

2. Students in occupation (Save Middlesex Philosophy)

3. Reinventing egalitarianism (Lenin's Tomb)

4. War on Islamophobia: Counterforum workshop on racism and fascism (The Sauce)

5. Revealed: Tory strategy for hung parliament (Next Left)

6. How should progressives vote? (The Third Estate)

7. I hate Tories. And yes, it's tribal. (Gary Younge at Comment is Free)

8. Economy Roundtable - 1 (Susan Pashkoff at New Left Project)

9. UK election: where are the women? (Penny Red)

10. Leading trade unionists back Caroline Lucas (Derek Wall)

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