Tuesday, 18 May 2010

John McDonnell to stand for Labour leader

This comes via the Northern Region of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), the left-wing grouping of which John McDonnell is a member.

'John McDonnell announces his intention to stand for Labour Leader!

Time to act!

We have only a matter of days to try and get the required 32 MPs to nominate John McDonnell and make sure he is on the ballot paper for the leadership election. The letter below will be published in the Guardian on Monday.

Please also lobby your local Labour MP, or any Labour MPs you think are sympathetic.

You can help to make this happen!

'As a range of Labour party members, councillors, NEC members, trade unionists, activists, community workers and campaigners, we are asking Labour MPs to nominate John McDonnell in order to allow a genuine debate about the future direction of our party.

We are concerned that a contest between candidates with broadly the same views will fail to deliver the wide-ranging policy debate Labour urgently needs following our defeat at the polls.

We welcome John McDonnell's commitment to a leadership debate based on the policies, not the personalities. We note John McDonnell's long-standing support for workers' rights, a peaceful foreign policy, publicly owned services, progressive taxation, an emergency council housing programme, a living wage, and civil liberties. We also welcome his determination that working people must not be made to pay for a crisis that is not of their making, and his opposition to the Con-Dem cuts agenda that will devastate our communities. We want these policies to be given a platform in the leadership campaign.

That is why we ask MPs to nominate John McDonnell, regardless of how they will subsequently vote, in order to allow an inspirational, comradely debate about the future direction of our party and our country.''

Contact to add your name in support.


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