Monday, 31 May 2010

Flotilla to Gaza: London demo in protest at Israeli killing of activists

Harpymarx reports on today's London demo, responding to Israel's deadly assualt on the aid convoy:

'I got to Whitehall at around 12:30 and there were around 100-200 people outside Downing Street. Then more people continued to come. And continued to come they did. Hundreds became thousands.

We were protesting against the Israel’s state terrorism and cold bloodied murder. Activists were killed on the flotilla, numbers were unknown and nobody knew what had happened to the number of Brits on the flotilla (Kevin Ovenden, Sarah Colborne, Ewa Jasiewicz).

The mood was defiant, angry and loud. We chanted on the pavement. The cops pushing us back on the pavement.

Then a cop van turned up blocking us on the pavement and pretty much there was a collective agreement of ‘sod this’ and we took over the road.'

See her brilliant pictures HERE.

Also see Stop the War's report and speeches from the demo.


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  1. Thanks for the link and compliment about pix!! :)

    It was a good, vibrant, loud and angry demo. Started off with 100 or so people at Whitehall then more and more and more people started to turn up and we blocked the road. Then we marched to the Israeli Embassy....