Friday, 28 May 2010

A breakthrough week for the movement to stop cuts

Luna17 recommends:

1. Can't Pay Won't Pay (Jim Jepps)

2. Greece - a struggle for all Europe's workers (Socialist Resistance)

3. Fighting cuts - two models (Liam Macuaid)

4. I Promise Not to Kill Myself (Jess Hurd)

5. Guantanamo: Interview with Andy Worthington (Harpymarx)

6. A Marxist History of the World: The Hominid Revolution (Neil Faulkner at Counterfire)

7. The prospects for Middlesex (The Third Estate)

8. It's all over for sex-and-shopping feminism (Laurie Penny)

9. ConDem government to collapse in 18 months? (Salma Yaqoob)

10. Journalism and 'the words of power' (Robert Fisk)


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