Friday, 23 April 2010

Luna17 recommends...

1. Finsbury Health Centre: Lubetkin's legacy (Owen Hatherley at Counterfire)

2. Breaking the electoral mould may not have a happy ending (Seumas Milne at Comment is Free)

3. In Defence of No Platform (Harpymarx)

4. The lefties: who's got mojo? (Jim Jepps)

5. In praise of penpushers (The Third Estate)

6. Full interview with Ken MacLeod (Penny Red)

7. Volcanic ash and neoliberal chaos (Neil Faulkner at Counterfire)

8. Let them eat junk (Links)

9. 'A perspective that is unashamedly and explicitly anti-capitalist' (Climate and Capitalism)

10. Socialist Blogging and the Labour Party (A Very Public Sociologist)

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