Friday, 16 April 2010

Luna17 recommends...

1. How Labour's friends are 'securing your world' (Clare Sambrook at Counterfire)

2. Arms Racism: war in Afghanistan leading to racism at home (The Sauce)

3. Vote for choice (Penny Red)

4. Know your constituency: North Antrim (Splintered Sunrise)

5. The benefits of equality (Kate Pickett at New Left Project)

6. Elliegate and the Media Bubble (A Very Public Sociologist)

7. Another protest at bankers' daylight robbery (Salma Yaqoob)

8. Orwell Prize shortlist (Madam Miaow)

9. The return of radical bookshops (Natalie Hanman at The Guardian)

10. Those wish washy liberals down at the SWP (Though Cowards Flinch)

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