Thursday, 8 April 2010

Luna17 recommends...

Firstly, I should explain I've had very little Internet access over the last few days, hence today's flurry of new posts now I can spend time online. Also, I'll be in London for a long weekend starting tomorrow, so normal service should resume next Monday.

1. The Other Bailout (Owen Hatherley at New Left Project)

2. Digital Economy Bill: wrong and stupid (Jim Jepps)

3. Marxism and the crisis: a strategy for the left (Counterfire)

4. And now for something completely different (Penny Red)

5. 1000 attend election rally (Salma Yaqoob)

6. Nazi Nick (The Sauce)

7. Scrapping Trident is a vote winner (Kate Hudson at Comment is Free)

8. Trust us. We're the vanguard (Liam Macuaid)

9. 5 hollow Tory election pledges (Though Cowards Flinch)

10. Iraqi artists denied entry to Britain (Hapymarx)

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  1. The story on Mrs Justice Sharp (who stuffed RMT strike against Network Rail being the sister of Richard Sharp, banker at Goldman Sachs, bankers to Network Rail was much better than the Nazi Nick copy and paste job!