Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Luna17 recommends: Elections Extra

1. Campaign moments and Brown's bigotry (Though Cowards Flinch)

2. Election deepens political crisis (A World to Win)

3. Fuelling the Agenda (New Left Project)

4. Labour's Manifesto on the Trade Unions (A Very Public Sociologist)

5. Tory PPC forced to delete homophobic remarks from website (Left Foot Forward)

6. The current stage of the election campaign (Liam Macuaid)

7. Know your constituency: West Belfast (Splintered Sunrise)

8. Don't let the old parties divide our communities (Jim Jepps)

9. Gordon Brown's gaffe is nothing short of a disaster (Lance Price at Comment is Free)

10. Even Sun's Page 3 girl is "concerned" about electoral reform (Liberal Conspiracy)

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