Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Luna17 recommends: Elections Extra

A special round-up of all things election-related...

1. There's just no pleasing some people (Penny Red)

2. Election roundtable (New Left Project)

3. The Far Left and the 2010 UK General Election (A Very Public Sociologist)

4. More people want Clegg as PM than Cameron (Liberal Conspiracy)

5. Not the internet election after all (Left Foot Forward)

6. Cam wrong: Conservative leader accused of spinning migration figures (The Sauce)

7. Th'yon Dupes spake til the votin' fowk (Splintered Sunrise)

8. Salma looks like a winner (Derek Wall)

9. Stopping the Tories - the left and the elections (Counterfire)

10. Election guesswork (Liam Macuaid)


  1. cheers for the link, you will be pleased to know that even in one of the most tory constituencies in Britain, I am finding that 99% of voters want to bring the troops back from Afghanistan, must admit being an election candidate is cutting my blogging.

  2. That's reassuring about Afghanistan, Derek. And there are reasons to be hopeful for Caroline and Salma, I reckon.
    On another note altogether: make sure you glance at Globalise Resistance site when/if you get time - Noel Douglas is one of the lucky few who left for Bolivia before the volcano erupted, and he's posting material from the climate conference.

  3. I am standing as the Anticapitalist candidate in Vauxhall (Kate Hoey's constituency).
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