Saturday, 20 March 2010

Updates from Bolton anti-fascist protests: "police tactics which are brutal and intimidating"

The Sauce is providing frequent updates - through words, pictures and video - from today's anti-fascist demonstrations in Bolton. Updates include:

11.48: The far right EDL has certainly chosen a northern town scarred by the bankers' economic crisis - Bolton is punctured with closed shops and businesses. Woolworths, one of the biggest victims of the recession, has not yet been replaced. The economy has managed to board up more windows than today's protests. Rather than attack the people who have damaged the country, the EDL attacks working class people.

12.01: Riot police and officers are already attacking anti-fascist demonstrators trying to brake out of the kettle. Tear gas fired (Police deny this, saying it's a flare which is much more likely). Protesters shouting "shame on you." Loud bangs and UAF supporters being dragged from the crowd. An eyewitness says: "there are people passing out and getting crushed."

12.46: Two riot officers race a protester forward at speed to prevent them speaking to a legal observer.

13.07: Announcement that the police have arrested Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of UAF.

(The video is of legal advisor John Tipple)

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