Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Sun: it's the English language, but not as we know it

The following can all be found in a single webpage of The Sun website's coverage of the British Airways strike and the relationship between the Labour Party and Unite:

union monster, fill House with new Leftie MPs, flood the House of Commons, growing wave of strikes battering Britain, Frankenstein monster, terrifying return to 1970s-style STRIKES, militants, paralysing the railways, bring the nation to a grinding halt, lurches to the left, football hooligan, suicidal spectre, power-crazed union barons, all-out industrial war, Britain being held to ransom, militant sugar daddies, abhorrent to hard-working Brits, loudmouth RMT leader Bob Crow, featherbedded civil servants, thuggish but unelected henchman Charlie Whelan, Cabinet leftie Ed Balls, disgraceful backroom scandal...

Oh, if only more of these mad, paranoid right-wing fantasies were actually true!

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