Monday, 15 March 2010

A successful start

I'm part of the editorial team for the Counterfire website which was launched last Monday. During its first week the site had around 10,000 visits, an extremely promising start.

News stories include new revelations of abuses of migrant workers, the decision to allow BNP members in teaching, left-wing campaigner Clare Solomon's victory in the London student elections, and the truth behind media myths about NATO operations in Afghanistan.

Feature articles include an insightful look at 'Why kids kill kids' (in the wake of controversy about Jon Venables), Michael Moore's new film reviewed, an overview of the crisis in Greece and why it has global implications, and an account of how the internet was used to mobilise against Berlusconi in Italy.

There's lots more already in the pipeline, which will be working its way online in the coming days and weeks. And if you have a report, pictures or video footage to contribute yourself, please get in touch.


  1. Got to say, it's looking fucking good so far

  2. Congratulations. Explo