Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Students organise to stop cuts

Clare Solomon's campaign to become President of University of London Union (ULU), which I blogged about last week, has been getting a great response at a series of events in recent days. Clare has also received a number of endorsements, which can be seen at the ULU Campaigner blog. Voting is online and starts tomorrow, lasting until next Wednesday.

It is a heady time for student politics. Occupations are back on the agenda as a tactic for mobilising against funding cuts. Westminster Uni students are currently occupying over the issue. This is from their press release:

'Over 200 staff and students at the University of Westminster have protested, stormed the board of governors meeting and are currently in occupation of the vice-chancellors office, in regard to recently proposed tutoring and administrative job cuts.

Management are planning to slash 285 jobs by April and this follows the closures of the ceramics department and the nursery. Recently, over 150 staff and students placed a unanimous vote of no confidence in the vice-chancellor and his management at a rally addressing Westminster's severe proposed job cuts, on February 17.'

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