Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Stop the War protestors barrack Blair

I was at work yesterday, but a number of activists got along to protest at Tony Blair at extremely short notice. The report on Counterfire is by Alan Docherty:

'Five activists from Teesside and South Durham waved placards declaring ‘Bliar – War Criminal’ and shouted slogans as Blair arrived at Trimdon Labour Club in his limousine.

This meeting was so secret, apparently some of the invited audience did not know they were being summoned to listen to Blair.

Apart from the media and a few police we were the only members of the public there. This was to our advantage because we were mobbed by the camera men and the journalists. They showed a lot of interest in us and we were hopeful of some good media coverage. Unfortunately we did not get the exposure we hoped for nor did they report our views about the war, Blair’s criminal role and from the Unison point of view the impact of the proposed public expenditure cuts. No doubt editorial control still protects the establishment.

However, we were seen and it was recorded that we are still active. With some better notice we could have had a bigger presence. We can still organise quickly and New Labour will know we have not gone away.'

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